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6 Ways to Create Trust Using UX Design
December 18, 2017, by Alan Smith

This article is interesting to me because of practical bits of advice on how to promote the brand by using good UX design. Trust is the most important feature for the modern users. That’s means, every step should be implemented to show a transparent and trustworthy image through contemporary media to promote the brand. According to the article, trust is a keyword in marketing models. Today users are very concerned about how transparent, honest and authentic your brand is. They need to feel safe when dealing with the product.

The article offers 6 ways to create trust by UX design: 1). Be consistent in everything you do because users want to be safe, they need to see a predictability. UX has to be built in every aspect of the branding in different apps and platforms, users want to see our branding in everything: in the colour scheme, website, and social media presence. 2). Do not give clients the understanding that our brand is our primary goal to get a profit. To avoid that, let the people behind the brand be important by emphasizing their biography, information behind them, videos, as well as the mission of the company. 3). Use the content to help users to trust by communication through blogs, posting to social media profiles, by the answering to user’s comments and questions. The content has to be always updated. 4). Total transparency shown to users will evoke their loyalty. Today users are very savvy and do not tolerant of any dishonesty. 5). Users want to be engaged through their favorite platforms and outlets. The research will help to understand which platform is preferable to the target audience. 6). Good design of the website is important! The modern view and usability, as well as fast loading website, are the crucial factors. In conclusion, transparency and being up-to-date, and tiny details, such as contact info mean that users can trust us.

All in all, these tips could be applied to every industry, that’s why they should be considered by the other web designers who work with UX design. The article is interesting to read and important for every professional who wants to build a good UX design and successful promotional strategy for any business.
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