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Why UX Designers Need UI Skills
October 23, 2017, by Raffaela Rein

Every UX designer knows that UI is very important because of its hidden structure. If users are not noticing UI structure, that’s means that UX design has done successfully. The article encourages UX designers to widen the spectrum of their duties by learning UI sphere. That’s important not only for better interaction with UI designers but also because UX and UI duties are closely connected, and many companies prefer to hire one professional who is competent in UX and UI design.

The article interested me because it’s very important to know the detail, function, and methods of UX and UI work. The article explains, that to add style to the work, UX designers work with personas, create sitemaps, wireframes, prototypes, etc. UX designers can improve results of their work by learning UI design methods – working with responsive layouts and grid systems, research of common UI design patterns and modern UI trends, visual hierarchy, typography, colour system, imagery trends and theory, animation. UI designers work with Sketch and Photoshop. All in all, UX designers should understand the project as a whole and expose oneself to adjacent technology, specifically, to learn, about UI design and a little bit about web development.

In conclusion, the article helps the other designers to understand the role of UX / UI designers that complete all preliminary work stage of the project. That means that one UX and UI designer is preferable for the employers and for freelance projects, because of better interaction and understanding between these very close – UX / UI tasks. That’s why to integrate UX and UI it’s important to know all professional tools.
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