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Making the Case For Boring UX Design
October 16, 2017, by Roxanne Abercrombie

This article is interesting for me because it gives a core of UX conception and acts as a landmark in the up-to-date reality when web technologies are developing very fast. In these times, every design conception seems boring and obsolete. This article also prevents the other designers from overusing of the modern features and it encourages them to keep functionality and good UX design.

Many designers often afraid to make a design that perceives as boring. That’s why they try to overwhelm the page with different fancy effects to make the design ridiculous rather than boring. However, UX design professionals state, the “boring” design is the best friend of users, rather than their enemy. Design and development are a creative product that has to be esthetic. On the other hand, the finished design product is not an artwork. The design is about a functional work of the product. The website has to work fast and effective if we do not want to lose users. Also, any extra animation and dramatic graphics effects distract a user’s attention. All in all, clean and minimalistic web design without any extra and unnecessary effects is much more useful for users. For example, the standard scrolling instead of parallax scrolling, conventional check marks for designers are boring, while approachable for users. A boring design does not mean an ugly design. Google and Apple products are minimalistic and at the same time convenient and gorgeous.

All in all, innovation is a good and essential part of the design, but they should not be useless and discouraging like parallax and infinite scrolling. All designers should check out the article for being more critical for the modern trends for the sake of keeping good UX and to get a landmark in a fast-changing web reality.
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