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UX Design Tips to Put Your Best Footer Forward
April 16, 2018, by Sean McGowan

Footer usually is underestimated by many designers, but a good footer means an opportunity to keep our users on the website by helping them to find any information they could not find on the website. The article explains how important the footer is, also the article gives the useful pieces of advice to use it wisely and correctly.

The footer locates the most important content of the website and prevents users from leaving our website without getting important information or without making an order. According to researchers, in this space users spend the most of their time and if the footer contains an appeal to any action, the conversion rate of the website increases on 50%. To make a successful footer we need to put there all fundamental components of the website that are important for every user as well as an information for a specific group of users. We store in the footer – links, forms, social icons, etc. Also, the footer is an inevitable part of the website and should be integrated with the whole design.

I interested in the article because it explains why footer is important and gives a practical and detailed piece of pieces of advice to improve UX design of the websites. Because the article explains, that the footer raises the conversion rate of the website, I found it highly important to know how to use the UX design components for footer properly. In the article, the other designers could find a specific information about the correct usage of the footer and get the solid understanding of why the footer is important. All in all, every UX / UI designer should know what information should be located in the footer as well as how to integrate the footer with the whole website design.
20.09.2018 г.

Updated the design of the website and improved some elements.
27.08.2018 г.

Completed some graphic design projects.