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How to Have Better UX Before UI Begins
September 27, 2017, by Alan Smith

This article interested me because it explains the difference between UX and UI in terms of a sequence of work on any project. That’s mean that both aspects are inevitable parts of web design and none of them could be omitted. From the article is obvious that every web design project is based on good UX design and then further is developed with UI design. Both steps are necessary for every project.

The article represents the UX and UI design as an important sequence of the process of web design. At first, goes UX design, then after – goes UI. UX design is a base and it cannot be skipped. That’s why UX is an intangible part of the web design process, while UI is a tangible part. UX designers deal with marketing research to get information about a user’s preferences, their likes, and dislikes. UX is connected with strategy, analytics, dates, information architecture, and visual design. UX starts with research and scrutinizes the user’s behavior before UI designers start working. For example, Push Notifications are the elements of UX, which is independent of UI. UX as a base of our project gives an understanding of an audience. UX should be thought out well before starting out work on UI.

In conclusion, everybody who works in the web design industry needs to have a solid understanding of what the difference is between UX and UI and what functions are included in each of the design processes. Instead of underestimating both these terms, every web designer has to consider these processes as a crucial part of the whole design process.
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