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Plan of measurement
Installation and removal plan
Plan of existing state
Redesing. Explication Plan
Plan of furniture arrangement
Sanitary ware plan bindings
Ceiling plan
Ceiling light. Connection
Ceiling light. Bindings
Plan electrics. Power outlets
Plan low-voltage socket (TLF, TV)
Plan floor coverings
Linear perspectives
Linear perspectives
Linear perspectives
Linear perspectives
Plan details and units
Details and units. Detail 1
Details and units. Details 2, 3
Details and units. Details 4, 5
Details and units. Detail 6
Details and units. Detail 7
Details and units. Detail 8
Constr. of plasterbo niche 1
Constr. of plasterbo niche 2
Details and units. Detail 9
Details and units. Detail 10
Details and units. Detail 11
Details and units. Detail 12
Details and units. Detail 13
Details and units. Detail 14
Details and units. Detail 15
Plan of doors
Specification of fixtures
Plan of warm floors
Plan incisions ceilings
Incisions ceilings
Incisions ceilings
Incisions ceilings
Plan reamers the walls
Reamers. Sheet 1
Reamers. Sheet 2
Reamers. Sheet 3
Reamers. Sheet 4
Reamers. Sheet 5
Reamers. Sheet 6
Reamers. Sheet 7
Reamers. Sheet 8
Reamers. Sheet 9
Reamers. Sheet 10
Reamers. Sheet 11
Reamers. Sheet 12
Reamers. Sheet 13
Reamers. Sheet 14
Reamers. Sheet 15
Reamers. Sheet 16
Reamers. Sheet 17
Layout of tiles. Bathroom 1
Layout of tiles. Bathroom 2
Layout of tiles. Bathroom 3
Specification of tiles
Layout of tiles. Hallway floor
Layout of tiles. Kitchen floor
Layout of tiles. Balcony floor
Location Plan sconces
Map sanitary ware connect
In this section you can see examples of the drawings included in the complete package of interior design project.
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