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Optimum Package

«OPTIMUM» Package – Full Version of Interior design project
The structure of the design project package "Optimal" is a complete list of technical specifications and work required to accomplish the task. The package includes all the working drawings and 3D visualization.

Interior design project. 
The design project includes the following documentation:

1. Measurements plan – current situation of interior space. 
2. Discussion and filling a technical task – a questionnaire. View all images.
3. The optimal number of options for redevelopment and functional zoning space with furniture, sanitary ware and equipment.
4. Plan of premises with furniture, equipment and plumbing ware with the binding and dimensions.
5. Explication of premises. 
6. Redevelopment plan with the binding of internal walls and plumbing outlets. 
7. Plan of the ceiling geometry (if necessary).
8. Plan of the ceiling with location of lights and switches.
9. Plan of premises with binding of electrical appliances and sockets.
10. Plan of premises with the lights and group of inclusion.
11. Location of outlets, switches and other devices (TV, TF, etc.).
12. Plan of underfloor heating (if necessary). 
13. Plan of floor coverings with the layout of tiles or patterned coating.
14. Plan with elevations of the walls (marking). 
15. Elevations of the walls with a pattern of coating (bathrooms, other rooms if needed). 
16. Drawings of the doors.
17. Drawings of individual components and interior details (if necessary): furniture, built-in cabinets, wardrobe filling.
18. Drawings of other elements, which are produced to individual order (stairs, railings, stained glass windows, walls etc.).
19. Statement of finishing materials and decoration with the proposed materials.
20. Computer visualization performed as part of the design project. Photorealistic rendering of the main premises. 

Supplementary services
- Consultations.
- Specifications of finishing materials:
1. Table of premises decoration with the selection of finishing materials.
2. Selection and specification of inner doors, furniture, plumbing lamps, radiators, equipment for electrical installation (sockets, switches), etc. 
3. Description – stylistic solution, colour spectrum, decor, etc. 

Interior Design 

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