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Design For Happy Life 

I am glad to welcome you on my graphic design portfolio website. My name is Susanna and I am open to anyone interested to contact with me! This website is an exhibition of my personal portfolio.

Graphic Design

I am a graphic designer and I have extended skills in creating branding, illustration, promo, web, publication, package design, and animation. I create any computer graphics, collages, photo processing, and hand-made graphics.

For the convenience of watching, all my projects are labeled and placed in different folders. You can watch a custom design and layout of catalogs, advertising modules, websites, posters, etc.
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Home Decor & Wall Art

As an artist, I can design any kind of computer and hand-made illustrations as well as home decor to decorate the interior of home or office. I can create wall art in various techniques and genres.  
You can explore my graphics and paintings: batiks, watercolors, colour crayons, oil artworks in relevant chapters of Portfolio.
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Interior Design & Decor

Interior Design & Design Project
I have an experience in interior design. I designed different projects and have a lot of renovated apartment projects in my portfolio. Interior design includes a package of all necessary construction drawings, plans, and photo-realistic images of the future interior.
The interior design of different complexity is shown in special chapters of my Portfolio. 
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20.09.2018 г.

Updated the design of the website and improved some elements.
27.08.2018 г.

Completed some graphic design projects.